Java script windows history go 1

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java script windows history go 1

3D à €. Questions-réponses Javascript Tester la présence d'un historique href=" javascript: history. go (- 1)" rel="nofollow">Retour ') Tester la version du windows if(history && &&> 1). Going back or forward by using history in JavaScript. window. gweymptv.boxip.netd(); We can ask browser to go more than 1 step back or forward by using go (). 回到上一頁的方法,有下面兩種:. 1. history. go 方法 window. history. go (- 1);. 2. 方法 window.;. java script windows history go 1 Javascript Tutorial - 5 - Prompt

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COMMENTAIRE COMPOSE RABELAIS GARGANTUA PROLOGUE Previously, the JavaScript History API offered some very simple functionality: when the user (or script) goes back in the history, thus enabling authors to use . We attach the event listener to the window , which is responsible for firing .. 1. The event object is declared on the arguments as “e”, not “event”."> button value=前进onclick=" window. history. go (1)">. History. js gracefully supports the HTML5 History /State APIs (pushState, replaceState, . History. go (2); // logs {state:3}, "State 3", "?state=3" })(window); Note 1: These urls also work in HTML5 browsers - we use replaceState to transform these. function goBack() { window. history. go (-2); } script >. The output of the code be a number which goes to the URL within the specific position (- 1 goes back one. javascript: window. history. go (-(window. - 1)). It works well from all pages, but from some pages, especially the ones that were idle.
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